Let's Talk Sax, is on hold do to the current strife in America and the world today.

Let's Talk Sax, is a philosophical approach to understanding the saxophone and what it means to be a saxophone player today. 

With over 50 years of working the saxophone and a career spanning 42 years experiencing what the majority   of saxophonists will encounter in life, I have observed a number of ways and  have obtained a point of view that can enlighten young players with the truth of what can be expected as you traverse the many ways you can enjoy a musical path.  

The music business world has changed drastically, however, most teachers still focus on the same old, same old.

I asking fans interested in Let's Talk Sax video series, to reach out and contact me and let me know. My desire to share my knowledge at this time is waning as it seems to me the future of freedom within the arts community is on the chopping block.

Fortunately, I am not a vocalist and express myself instrumentally.  It won't be long however, before song writers and movie producers will need to get authorization regarding their creative content, and permission to precede from our leaders of America's newly defined democracy?

We, as humanity, need to recognize good from evil and decide accordingly which we want to support.